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Together, we're relentlessly fighting COVID-19

2020 Spring Festival holiday is destined to be unforgettable. Countless people go to the medical front line to fight against the COVID-19, face the danger, confront with the virus, and build a dam for people's life safety, they are hailed as “heroes” in harm's way.

mask particle filtration efficiency tester

The mask particle filtration efficiency tester and intelligent tensile testing machine produced by Jinan Saicheng Instrument are essential instruments for the detection of epidemic medical supplies.

This epidemic is a test. Faced with this test, Jinan Saicheng Instruments is making every effort to promote production with high quality, high efficiency and high standards! Solving various problems in various links, delivering the equipment to customers in a timely and fast manner, has been praised and trusted by customers. The entire team of Jinan Saicheng faces the urgent needs of customers in this special period. Our efficient and high-quality operation demonstrates the sound management level of our company, and also reflects the modernization of our enterprise technology. And our colleagues in Jinan Saicheng The fearless spirit.

Together, we're relentlessly fighting COVID-19.

Posted in Company News on Jul 24, 2020.
Jinan Saicheng Instrument, focusing on the R&D of packaging material testing instruments, provides you with cost-effective quality control solutions. We accept customization products for customer special need. We look forward to hearing from you!
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