Phone Support
Phone Support
Free telephone support service during working hours
Email Support
Email Support
Through emails, after-sales engineers guide users to deal with various problems
Remote Support
Remote Support
Use online tools to provide users with remote online fault diagnosis, analysis and resolution
Onsite Support
Onsite Support
Dispatch technical engineers as needed to provide users with maintenance services on site
After-sales Service Regulations
General principles

Jinan Saicheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is adopted unified service standards and procedures to all our products. It aims to strengthen enterprise management, improve the after-sales service system and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.So that the instrument can give full play to its functions, to provide users with the greatest degree of service, the greatest degree to create benefits.

We follow the following warranty regulations according to international practice and domestic specific conditions.

1. Within the warranty period of the instrument you purchased, if there is any problem, you contact our company for a free consultation and provide warranty service (consumables are not included in the warranty). Provide long-term technical consultation and maintenance services.

2. For all instruments equipped with software products, provide a lifetime free upgrade service.

3. According to the relevant state regulations, the equipment failure caused by the following circumstances is not included in the free warranty:

  • Failure caused by improper use by users or failure to follow instructions for the use of the instrument
  • After the failure of the instrument, the user shall disassemble and repair it by himself or ask other companies to repair it
  • The instrument serials number has been altered
  • Artificial damage caused by collision, flooding, etc. during the use of the instrument

Failure caused by an accident, such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, explosion, etc

4. Problems in the use of the product can be dealt with by telephone, letter and other remote methods. If the above methods cannot be dealt with, our company can provide on-site maintenance services, charge reasonable travel expenses and spare parts replacement costs (during the warranty period, no charge for replacement of spare parts caused by non-human causes), and free maintenance fees.

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