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COFCO cooperates with Jinan Saicheng Instrument

The world's top 500 company COFCO Group Co., Ltd., China's largest grain, oil and food company, China's leading supplier of diversified products and services in the fields of agricultural products and food, is committed to building a grain, oil and food enterprise from the field to the table, and building a full-service chain City complex. COFCO previously issued bidding information and needed to purchase a batch of tensile machines. Jinan Saicheng Instrument participated in the bidding. Among the many bidding companies, Jinan Saicheng Instrument was recognized by the COFCO technical expert team and reached cooperation with its professional technical strength.

The XLW-L packaging electronic tensile testing machine independently developed and produced by Saicheng Instrument uses imported sensors with ultra-high precision of 0.5 level and good test data repeatability. With different fixtures, it can meet different test items such as stretching, breaking, peeling, tearing, opening force, puncture force, breaking force, piston sliding property, etc. The instrument is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, which is convenient to operate. It can display real-time measurement data, change curves and test results. It also has parameters such as power-down memory, overload protection, limit protection, and automatic return at the end of the test, which effectively guarantees user operations Security. Equipped with a micro-printer, the test result data will be automatically printed after the test is completed. With professional software, it can display the real-time data and change curve of the test process and can save the test data for comparison.

In order to better deliver this batch of equipment and ensure the accuracy of the equipment test data, Jinan Saicheng Instrument submitted a verification application to the Shandong Institute of Metrology. According to the verification regulations of the JJG475-2008 electronic universal testing machine, the staff of the Provincial Metrology Institute verified the accuracy and error of the XLW-L packaging bag electronic tensile testing machine. The verification conclusion reached 0.5 level and the verification result was qualified. On August 9, 2020, it obtained the verification certificate issued by the Shandong Institute of Metrology. The verification certificate obtained further proves that the Jinan Saicheng instrument meets the predetermined requirements and quality requirements, the measurement results are accurate, the instrument is continuously reliable, and the performance is stable.

Posted in Company News on Sep 16, 2020.
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