Heat Seal Tester

Heat seal tester (Laboratory heat sealer) is to determine the suitable sealing parameters (sealing temperature, dwell time and pressure) for materials.

Laboratory Heat Sealer is widely used in the plastic industry and designed for accurate and repeatable measurement heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 330mm long and 10mm wide. Independent temperature control of the upper and lower jaws gives multiple combinations of test conditions.

Heat Seal Test Standards

ASTM F2029 - Standard Practices for Making Laboratory Heat Seals for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials as Measured by Seal Strength

Saicheng Instrument - Heat Seal Tester
HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester

HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester

HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester is based on the heat sealing method and is professionally applicable to the determination of heat seal temperature, dwell time, and the heat seal pressure of various composite films to guide industrial production.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

 4.9 ( based on 7 ratings )

  • CustomerPosted on Sep 24, 2021
    I have to say enough good about this tester. User-friendly and easy to operate with a touch screen. I think this heat seal tester will last me many years. I definitely recommend it.
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