Headspace Gas Analysis

The headspace gas analyzer adopts a professional structure design and is equipped with a high-precision sensor, which can accurately and conveniently determine the content and mixing ratio of O2 and CO2 in hollow packaging containers such as sealed packaging bags, bottles and cans. The equipment is used for headspace gas analysis and detection of various sealed packaging bags, packaging containers, vials, ampoules and other products.

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DK-190 Headspace Gas Analyzer

DK-190 Headspace Gas Analyzer

DK-190 Headspace Gas Analyzer adopts a new handheld design and is equipped with imported sensors, which can accurately and conveniently determine the O2, CO2, N2 content in sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans and other hold packaging containers.

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  • CustomerPosted on Jan 16, 2024
    Well packaged with the operating manual. Easy to use and test data can be obtained quickly. Highly recommend!
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What is Headspace Gas Analysis ?


Carbon dioxide and nitrogen are the most commonly used gases to fill the headspace in the packaging to preserve the inside contents and extend its shelf life.

What is headspace gas analysis?

Headspace gas analysis is a process used to test the gas contents inside packaging for foods, drinks, medicine, and other packaged items that contain gas mixtures in order to estimate shelf life.

According to research, controlling the proportion of gas components in packaging can effectively extend the shelf life of products or improve storage quality. Headspace gas analysis - testing the composition of accumulated gas, which is in the headspace inside of the packaging, can be an effective solution to this problem. It has become a test of the packaging design quality, as well as an important means to verify product shelf-life.

How is Headspace Gas Analysis used with MAP Packaging?

In order to test the quality of the products, a headspace analysis is performed by inserting a needle into the packaging and drawing a small amount of gas into the analyzer. The headspace gas analyzer contains a sensor that measures the concentration of the remaining oxygen or carbon dioxide.