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Congratulations to the company for winning the bid of Yiling Pharmaceutical Group

Recently, the company won the bid for the leak tester project of Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Group, which is also the second cooperation with Yiling Pharmaceutical after the project of mask particle filtration efficiency tester and mask ventilation resistance meter. Thank you for your recognition of Searching Instrument! Cooperation again is undoubtedly another affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength and technical level.

This bidding project is based on the procurement requirement of Ling Pharmaceutical's continuous production capacity improvement preparation workshop three air tightness tester. Our company participated in this bidding with the MFY-CM intelligent leak tester. With the 7-inch touch screen intelligent control, fast vacuuming, long pressure holding time, etc., it stands out among many peers and has been recognized by Yiling Pharmaceutical Group.


We would like to thank Yiling Pharmaceutical Group for their trust in our company, and also thank the sales colleagues for their hard work and the dedicated work of all departments. It is the unity and collaboration of everyone that makes us stand out among many brands.

Jinan Searching Instrument always adheres to the customer-centric business philosophy and provides customers with cost-effective products and efficient service solutions. We work hard for adults and strive to provide customers with better products and services.

Posted in Company News on Aug 05, 2020.
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