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Seal Strength & Burst Tester for Packages

Seal Strength & Burst Tester for Packages

LSSD-01 Seal Strength & Burst Tester is suitable for the quantitative measurement of sealing strength, heat sealing quality, burst test, creep test of the whole bag and sealing leakage performance of soft packages & pouches.

What is a Burst Test?

In a burst test, the test sample undergoes exposure to elevated air pressure, evenly applying stress to the package seals around its perimeter. This procedure is instrumental in identifying vulnerabilities within the packaging system.

Have you ever pondered the pressure threshold that could lead your packaging system to rupture? Conducting a burst test enables package suppliers to address this pivotal inquiry. Determining the minimum burst pressure holds utmost significance for packages exposed to pressure over their lifespan. It assists in defining safety design margins and provides vital assurance of package quality.

What standards are commonly associated with a burst test?

Our seal strength & burst tester accoding to the following burst test standards:

  • ASTM F1140: Burst & creep for medical packages (without restraining plates)
  • ASTM F2054: Burst test (with restraining plates)
  • ISO 11607: Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices

Burst testing can be conducted on both pouches and trays. While these require different fixtures and equipment accessories, the general testing procedure remains the same.

What types of packages require a burst test?

Burst testing can be applied to a variety of different package types and products used in the food industry, medical industry and other sectors. Burst testing may be performed on:

  • Plastic packages & pouches
  • Medical device pouches
  • Medical device trays
  • Blood bags
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Foil pouches
  • PET bottles

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Posted in Product Videos on Sep 05, 2023.
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