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Impact resistance of wine bottle

Properties of wine bottle contain kinds of aspects: impact resistance, thickness, toque of bottle cap, ramp pressure, polarizing stress, perpendicularity of bottle, etc.

Nowadays, red wine is becoming more and more popular. It is well known that drinking red wine is good for health. Before we taste a bottle of grape wine, the first thing that attracts us is the vessel for holding these wines - wine bottle. The importance of the wine bottle is self-evident. It is not only a simple package for wine but also can convey the information of origin, composition, and even wine-making style. It also has a profound impact on the formation and development of the modern wine industry. To understand wine, we should start with wine bottles.

As early as in ancient Rome, there was no glass bottle to keep wine. The wine was always kept in oak barrels. Until the beginning of the 17th century, the wine had a unique position as the only drink that was hygienic and could be preserved. However, due to the supply of coffee, tea, and cheap distilled wine, the wine industry was greatly threatened, and wine needed to explore new ways out.

At this time, there are some changes in glass manufacturing technology, glass bottles become more solid, and the production cost is relatively low. At the same time, some thoughtful anonymous put together glass bottles, corks, and bottle openers. Gradually, people find that the wine stored in a glass bottle is longer and the aroma is more mature, so the wine in a glass bottle is more and more popular. Then, because of the importance of wine bottle, the properties of the wine bottle are more and more attractive. Properties of wine bottle contain kinds of aspects: impact resistance, thickness, toque of the bottle cap, ramp pressure, polarizing stress, perpendicularity of bottle, etc. The most important factor is impact resistance which relates to whether the bottle breaks or not. According to analyzed data, the method of pendulum impact can measure it entirely. On basis of the method of pendulum impact, SCK-C is an excellent choice.

Saicheng’s SCK-C Glass Bottle Pendulum Impact Tester is used to test the impact resistance of glass bottled products. It takes up very little space as exquisite. SCK-C is easier to operate, which can be selected from two modes: passing or destruction, which facilitate manufacturers or producers to choose one to measure under different conditions. The loading clamps move so freely in vertical and horizontal directions that adjusting the position is convenient. The pendulum’s rotating and moving leads to get the impact resistance. Meanwhile, the touch interface displays the values and the printout is attained. SCK-C complies with standards: GB/T 6552-86,ISO 7458:2004. This is SCK-C. Do you want to test the wine bottle? Try it!

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Posted in Product Knowledge on Dec 30, 2020.
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