WKC-6S Temperature Control Lasting Adhesive Tester

Product Introduction

WKC-6S Temperature Control Adhesive Tester is suitable for the holding power of various pressure-sensitive tapes, medical tapes, adhesive tapes, labels and other products at different temperatures.

Product Features

  • Microcomputer control, PVC operation panel, membrane button and LCD screen, fit for human design.
  • Test plate and test weight designed in strict accordance with the standard to ensure the accuracy of test data.
  • Six test stations can conduct multiple test items at the same time.
  • P.I.D. High precision temperature control, temperature self-correction, more accurate test results.
  • Independent EGO over-temperature power-off overload protection, style falling time locking.
  • Mirror stainless steel test plate according to national standard and pharmacopoeia, durable.
  • Automatic timing, locking and other functions further ensure the high accuracy of test results.

Test Principle

This instrument is specially used for the adhesive tape adhesion test at high temperature. Test the resistance of the adhesive tape pasted on the test plate according to the standard method to the displacement under the specified gravity along the length direction under the set temperature. The adhesion of adhesive tape is expressed by the time when the test piece moves for a certain distance (or completely falls off) or the displacement distance (or completely falls off) within a certain time.

Test Standards

This test instrument conforms to many national and international standards:

ASTM D3654, JIS Z0237, YY/T 0148, GB/T 4851


Basic Applications

Including various adhesives, e.g. pressure-sensitive tapes, medical patches, adhesive labels and protection films.

Technical Specifications

Items Specifications
Temperature Range Room Temperature ~ 100°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1 °C
Distribution accuracy ±1% (1°C)
Test Plate 200 mm (L) x 50 mm (W) x 1.5 mm (D) (Standard)
125 mm (L) x 50 mm (W) x 1.5 mm (D) (Optional)
Weight 200 g, 500 g, 1000 g (with load plate)
Number of Stations 6
Standard Roller 2000 g ±100 g
Timing Range ≥10000 h
Instrument Dimension 760mm(L) x 260mm(B) x 720mm(H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 80 kg


Standard Configurations: Instrument, Micro Printer, Weights, Triangle Hook, Test Panel, Standard Roller

Please Note: Jinan Saicheng is always dedicated to the innovation and improvement of product performance and function. Therefore, technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Jinan Saicheng reserves the rights of final interpretation and revision.
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WKC-6S Temperature Control Lasting Adhesive Tester
WKC-6S Temperature Control Lasting Adhesive Tester
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