SCK-C Glass Bottle Pendulum Impact Tester

SCK-C Glass Bottle Pendulum Impact Tester is suitable for testing the impact resistance of various glass bottled products.

Product Introduction

How It Works?

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SCK-C Glass Bottle Pendulum Impact Tester is applicable in testing the impact resistance of various glass bottled products, for instance, beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, etc. It is a referential instrument for breweries, glass bottles’ plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Product Features

  • The instrument has a fully automatic electronic measurement mode
  • The instrument comes with a liquid crystal display, which can simultaneously display impact energy and angle values
  • Equipped with a micro printer with the function of printing experimental data
  • With dual modes of passing test and destructive test, users can switch freely
  • With ISP remote online control and upgrade functions, the test and function can be changed according to the requirements of the user
  • The sample loading fixture of the instrument can move freely and flexibly in both up and down and horizontal directions, which is convenient for users to adjust the position of the sample bottle during testing
  • The design and manufacturing of the instrument strictly comply with the national standard requirements for various parameters of materials and accessories and comply with the energy conversion theorem, providing reliable guarantees for users to accurately test and experiment
  • The suspension and positioning of the pendulum of the instrument are accurate and stable, and the pendulum can be rotated and released freely. The instrument is also equipped with a stainless steel safety shield, and the instrument design is very user-friendly


According to the law of conservation of energy, the energy of the pendulum impacting the sample bottle each time is determined by the potential energy when the pendulum is suspended and positioned before impact. When the angle at which the pendulum is suspended is a certain value, the potential energy of the pendulum is also a certain value, and the impact energy of the pendulum on the glass bottle is also a certain value. According to the fixed relationship between the hanging angle of the pendulum and the impact energy of the pendulum, the pendulum is released after a certain amount of energy is present, so that the striking point impacts the sample bottle placed on the sample loading fixture, and then observe the sample bottle is broken or not, and judge the impact resistance of the sample bottle accordingly.

Test Standards

This test instrument conforms to national and international standards:

GB/T 6552-86

Technical Specifications

Items Specifications
Impact Capacity 2 J
Specimen Diameter Ф20 ~ 165 mm (Customization is available)
Resolution 0.05J / Grid, Impact Energy ≤0.6J
0.1J/ Grid, Impact Energy ≥0.6J
Energy Loss ≤1.5%FS
Power Supply AC 220V / 50Hz ( can be changed to local requirement)
Instrument Dimension 530 mm (L) x 350 mm (W) x 700 mm (H)


Standard Configurations: Instrument, Safety Protection Cover, Water Level Meter

Optional Parts: Non-standard Sample Clapping Fixture

Please Note: Jinan Saicheng is always dedicated to the innovation and improvement of product performance and function. Therefore, technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Jinan Saicheng reserves the rights of final interpretation and revision.
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  • CustomerPosted on Jul 06, 2021
    Fast response, on-time delivery. One-key operation, automatic test. Good experience!
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SCK-C Glass Bottle Pendulum Impact Tester
SCK-C Glass Bottle Pendulum Impact Tester

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