Ink Rub Tester

Ink Rub tester, also known as abrasion resistance tester, using ASTM D5264 and is designed to measure the ink resistance against rubbing on packaging materials.

Saicheng Instrument - Ink Rub Tester
RT-01 Ink Rub Tester

RT-01 Ink Rub Tester

RT-01 Ink Rub Tester is designed for the abrasion resistance of surface coating layers of printed materials, such as ink layer or photosensitive coating.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

 4.7 ( based on 9 ratings )

  • CustomerPosted on Jul 01, 2021
    Good instrument and packing! Fast transportation. After several months of usage, I can say this is a really good Ink Rub Tester for its price.Reply from Saicheng Instrument: Thanks for your praise to our ink rub tester.
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