Condom Blasting Volume & Pressure Tester

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Condom Blasting Volume & Pressure Tester is designed for the burst test to measure the filled volume and the achieved pressure of condoms, rubber gloves.

Product Introduction

BYT-BV1000 Condom Blasting Volume & Pressure Tester (also called condom burst tester) is designed for the burst test to measure the filled volume and the achieved pressure of condoms, rubber gloves.

Product Features

  • The instrument is mainly used to test the required volume and pressure of the condom during the process from inflation test to explosion.
  • One button automatic operation.
  • The instrument can not only automatically display and record the volume and pressure value of the condom when it explodes, but also automatically analyze the information on unqualified products.
  • One instrument can control at least two condom blasters at the same time.
  • Operators can add or edit test standards independently.
  • The instrument can be operated offline, collect data automatically, record the pressure value, volume value, and other data when blasting is tested, and provide reports.

Test Principle

The condom is fixed between the inflation sleeve and the clamp. After the sleeve and the condom are inflated automatically in sequence, the tester will reveal the burst pressure and the inflation volume clearly.

Test Standards

This test instrument conforms to many national and international standards:

ISO 23409, ASTM D6324, GB/T 7544-2009


Basic Applications


Rubber Gloves

Technical Specifications

Items Specifications
Number of Specimens 2
Pressure Range 0 ~ 10 kPa
Accuracy 0.05 kPa
Volume Range 0 ~ 60 dm3
Accuracy 1 dm3
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa ~ 1 MPa (Outside of Supply)
Port Size Ф6 mm PU Tube
Instrument Dimension 1000 mm (L) x 500 mm (W) x 1400 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 40 kg


Standard Configurations: Instrument, Micro-Printer, Protection Cover

Optional Parts: Professional Software, Communication Cable, Sub Testing Machine

Note: 1. The gas supply port of the instrument is Φ6 mm PU Tubing;
2. Customers will need to prepare for gas supply.

Please Note: Jinan Saicheng is always dedicated to the innovation and improvement of product performance and function. Therefore, technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Jinan Saicheng reserves the rights of final interpretation and revision.
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Condom Blasting Volume & Pressure Tester
Condom Blasting Volume & Pressure Tester

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